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Whole IT Internet

Whole IT Internet

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VOIP (Voice over IP local and hosted)Slash your phone bills !!! Utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)Everyday more and more Enterprises are moving from conventional telephone methods to VoIP systems. VoIP allows carrying voice and data traffic over packet network. It may be Local Area Network or Wide Area Networking including Internet. Team IT have expertise over deploying VoIP Solutions. We can easily design, devleop and deploy multi vendor Phones, PBX for your office environment. These phones are effortless to set up, manage, and update. You can select from a broad range of services intended to meet your company requirements and budget to assist in improving productivity, encourage collaboration, and decrease operating costs.

Our Whole IT Internet Services

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX technology is a facility wherein the call platform and PBX features are hosted at the service provider location. The company end users connect through IP to the provider for voice service. This saves small and medium-sized corporate from investing in the expensive business phone system equipment, while still allowing the company to make use of telephony features such as voicemail, faxing, automatic greetings, touchtone menus, conference calls, call audit, call logs, and much more. Actually, this technology allows the workforce to work from home or on their mobile phones whilst still being connected to the office telephone system. A hosted PBX phone system can cut down the phone cost greatly in contrast to the conventional telephone facility.

Virtual Services

VPN Services (P2P, P2M)VPN and Remote Access permit workforce to safely access their company intranet even whilst travelling enabling the staff to function more resourcefully, cost-effectively and consistently. A classic Private IP networking patron would have a headquarters, numerous business sites and a portable workforce. Private IP networking distributes an extremely scalable, safe and flexible wide area network (WAN) geographically connecting distinct workplaces of an organization, generating one cohesive virtual network. It helps in incorporating all business sites in addition to having a direct internet access. Every location is connected into the central IT data network through a variety of processes. End users can reconnect into their private network when meeting customers or working from residence.

Data Network Management

We are highly proficient and possess widespread knowledge in planning and design of networks. Our solutions are flexible, carrier independent and can be designed to suit your requirements. We help to decrease the total expenditure and optimize network usage. We strive to meet up the capacity and resiliency requests of present and prospective service offerings. For instance you might have VOIP running across all your offices in Melbourne and VOIP traffic need QOS (Quality of Service) and need priority over data packets so that call quality of your phones does not suffer. We can help reconfiguring VOIP or even redesigning IP addressing schemes if required.

Internet Services

Irrespective of whether it’s a large enterprise or a small business, our internet services offer a wide variety of access technologies with better speed and security, provided by means of a variety of access methods such as DSL and Ethernet (over copper, optic fibre, wireless, microwave) that suits your needs. Our classic Business Broadband is made available via a direct connection into the internet backbone while the Secured Business Broadband offers an added safety of a centrally run virtual firewall checking for malicious or undesired internet activity.

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